Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Reflections of a Funeral

Hold on to the memories of old,
For the Son is on the horizon.
May our time spent here,
On this temporal sphere,
Direct us towards life's destination.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hubris And The Decalouge

Pride I've seen commonly subtle,
Not loud or obsien type of sin.
Other sins, Pride is the common,
Their origins have roots here within.

Idolitry, Adultry,
Dishonor, Disobediancey,
Coveting, murdering,
Stealing, and Blasphemy.
Forsaking the Saboth,
Not keeping it holy.
Not telling the whole truth,
Surrendering solely.

Pride is the strand woven through them,
An undertone cause in the fall.
Giving us liberous freedom,
Devoid of the consience of all.

Hubris Waits For Humble To Think It's Just That

Subtle I've seen Pride most common,
Not to say it cannot be loud.
Often we don't recognize it,
It's hidden as Humble, though Proud.

Lowly for notice,
Humble for acclaim.
Pride is succeeding,
When humble for fame.
Whispering, tempting,
Convincing supirior.
Bending and twisting,
Humblely inferior.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Seasonal Hikus Part IV.

A vibrant decent,
Leaves leaving, leaves laying.
Some call me Autumn.

Seasonal Hikus Part III.

Heated horizon,
Blurring visions of water.
Some call me Summer.

Seasonal Hikus Part II.

A feather, flash, flutter,
While orchestral chirpping.
Some call me Spring Time.

Seasonal Hikus Part I.

Enveloped in white
While time hibernates beneath.
Some call me Winter.